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How to accept commissions, talk to and deal with clients. If you want to start accepting commissions as an artist and draw for others but think it’s a bit intimidating and would like to be a professional from the start, this is for you.

Commissions 101

an artists guide to getting paid

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Previously patron exclusive, this 36 page in-depth PDF tutorial covers anything and everything an artist might want to know about the commission process. 

Artists who are new to commissions will find this extremely helpful and will prevent some very common mistakes! Already established commission artists will probably learn some new tips and tricks and improve chances of clients. Not only does this tutorial teach the basics but also how to be a professional.


It's everything you would want to know. What else can I say? 

2nd Edition: 14 pages longer than the first edition! Every lesson is even more fleshed out with additional details added from customer feedback. Also introducing another lesson focused on growing and maintaining a social media. 


Lesson 1: Are you ready for commissions?

Lesson 2: Prices and Products

Lesson 3: Terms of Service

Lesson 4: PayPal

Lesson 5: Keeping a Budget

Lesson 6: When you Open

Lesson 7: Contacted for Commission

NEW! Lesson 8: Social Media.


Being an artist is a tough field. While the minimum price for this thorough tutorial is £3 (because I know a lot of artists who are just starting out are struggling financially) please consider paying the suggested price if you can! 

If you think £3 is too much I promise, if you are insecure about accepting commissions, it's a sound investment you will not regret.


This tutorial is mainly focused on illustration commissions, but will be helpful for all kinds of creative fields. This tutorial covers mainly personal commissions - not contracts with companies. Written and copyrighted by Naariel Illustrations.

Buying the tutorial? Let me know if there's anything missing that you would've liked to know! 

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This is a great resource filled with useful information for both beginners and experienced commission artists! Highly recommended!
— @vextera
Hugely helpful and informative!
— @yungwimzee
Just finished reading through this, it is super helpful! If you’re considering starting up taking commissions for your art, this is an amazing guide on everything you need to know, with lots of tips even for experienced artists. I learned a lot from this. Thank you @NaarielArt!
— @ZaeliiJay