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You are standing at a crossroads with some coins in your pocket and adventure in your heart. There are four paths ahead of you. Which will you choose?


painterly style

My cheapest option with a quick turnaround time. They are less polished, less planned and rougher in style than my high quality commissions.


highly detailed style

Higher quality, carefully planned and detail rich paintings. The client is much more involved in this process but in return the process takes a very long time.


Blizzcon Badge

Show off your personality! If you go to conventions or conferences and would like a custom, personalised way for folks to easily know who you are, this is for you.

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My pinup option is for you who'd like your character portrayed in light clothing or nudity. These are detailed and carefully planned, and opens along with my High Detailed Style.

You can see my current work queue and commission openings on my Trello Board.
With each path there is a Terms of Service. The ToS vary between all. Read it.

My work is available for licencing. Please contact me directly at

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