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My impact on the enviroment


We only have one earth.

In an effort to reduce the carbon footprint created by e-commerce I am making changes to my small business and the way I do things.

The Good Dogs backing cards are already printed on recycled paper - the first step in the right direction!



I no longer use cellophane bags to pack enamel pins as cello and poly are not recyclable materials.

Prints and artwork will still be packaged in cello bags as they are the safest and only waterproof solution out there - and many never take them out of the protective bags, so they never become waste.

Paper invoices will no longer be included in orders, but will be available online. What’s better than recycling? No waste to recycle in the first place.

Empty ink cartridges are sent back to the manufacturer for them to recycle and use again.


I am abandoning Jiffy padded envelopes as they are not recyclable. I will start using recyclable and eco friendly alternatives as soon as stock runs out.

Future labels and stickers will be printed on recycled paper with eco friendly adhesive.

Packaging tape will be recyclable and eco friendly.

I am but a single drop in an ocean - but I will do my best to be a good example for other businesses to follow.