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5 reasons to support and shop with independent creators and small businesses.

Whew, that was a lengthy title! As a customer it might not be as clear what the difference between small and large businesses. But I’m here to give you 5 reasons why the smaller business deserves your attention.

1. You make a bigger impact!

Nobody will be as grateful for your support as an independent creator. At ASDA you're just one of millions, but for that creator your business could be the reason they're able to pay for food or make rent that month.

2. You know where your money is going

It'll never just disappear into the void that is large coorporations, tax evasions and lobbying. If you bring business to a creator or small business, you can be sure that money is being spent to improve their craft, products or quality of life.

3. An exciting timeline!

You never know what you'll see! New, amazing, orginal and relevant content is a high possibility. But sometimes we're just plain goofy. And we'll actually respond to you like a person, not just as customer support staff!

4. An open market where people can pursue their passion

I love amazon as much as anyone else. But supporting a varied and nuanced community of businesses is always better! A big business' main objective is profit. A passionate creator just wants to keep doing what they love! Much less chance of corruption and tax evasion.

5. Higher Quality

Businesses that are just starting up haven't got it all figured out yet. It's a learning process! But after a year or so you can be damn sure their product is 100%. Not only because they take more pride in their creations but because every single customer matters. Small businesses will bend the rules and do everything they can do accomodate a friendly customer.

In conclusion: take a stroll through Etsy or other Independent Shops platforms the next time you’re looking for something to treat yourself, or a gift for someone special!