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How to Price Your Commissions

This is without a doubt the question I've been asked the most over the years. And it's a good question! Exactly how do you price your commissions? How do you decide what's fair to charge?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic 8 ball that'll spit out the perfect number for you.

However, there is a magical formula.


5 Reasons

To Charge What You're Worth

But first I'm gonna lay some hard truth on you. When I tell you how much you should charge, you will probably disagree. “That's way too much!” Please know that it really isn't.

  1. You deserve to be compensated for your time and skill.

  2. Charging what you're worth will attract the right kind of clients.

  3. Not charging what you're worth will attract the wrong kind of clients - those who are looking to take advantage of you.

  4. Clients assume low cost = low quality, thus lowering your chances of getting work.  

  5. Not charging what you're worth creates an unhealthy community standard affecting not just you, but all artists poorly.

Now here's a hard to swallow pill: the price is never the reason an artist isn't getting work. It's the artist. If you're not up to standard it doesn't matter how low your prices are.


Now that I've proper informed you of the dangers of underselling, it's time to let you know the secret.


The Magical Price Formula: Hours Spent on Commission x Hourly Wage = Your Price!


Well there you have it. Easy! The hourly wage standard is $15-$20 an hour. Hours Spent on Commission is up to you.

Would you like to know more than just the bare basics of pricing your work? 

Then check out the Commission 101 tutorial.


It goes in depth about affecting factors, when to charge extra, online artists in an international market, commercial work and when you should step away from the Magical Price Formula. And absolutely everything and anything else concerning being an artist with commissions.