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Naariels Commission Tutorial

Most artists have taken on a few commissions in their career. I opened my first commission slots a few months after I had gotten used to my new digital tablet. I didn't go to art school or had any kind of mentor ship, but I felt relatively confident in my skills.

Turns out: I had no idea what I was doing.

Commission Tutorial3.jpg

I searched online. “How to commissions” “draw for money” “what's a terms of service” and you know what I found? Very very little.

- Commissions 101 -

A few years later and there's still no information for artists. So, after trial and error in drawing for and communicating with clients, I wrote Commissions 101.

Commissions 101 is a hands on guide on how to prepare for commissions, get clients and work with clients - and everything in between. It is everything an artist need to know to feel fully prepared to launch a career. Or just take on commissions for fun! 

You can find it here.

- Commissions 101 (2nd edition) -

After completing 80+ commissions and being a freelancer for 2 years I'm ready to write Commissions 101 (2nd edition), one year after it was published and I will flesh out the tutorial even more.

But no need to wait for me to finish it - everyone who buy Commissions 101 will get the 2nd edition for free.