Blizzcon Badges


My badge commissions are closed for 2019.


What is a ConBadge?

If you've ever been to a convention, like Blizzcon, you might've noticed that some attendees carry an personalised badge with their nickname on it, additionally to the entry pass. That personalised badge is what I offer to create for you. 

My badges are as detailed and rendered as my paintings, so they double as a commission! The process of getting them made is very similar to regular commission paintings. You send me a form with what you'd like made, and I'll keep you updated throughout the process. When it's finished and you've approved of it, I send it your way!

Your 2019 Conbadge

Choose Your Package


Base Package
A Physical Laminated Badge
2019 Badges Exclusive Sticker
Digital Commission

A Physical Laminated Badge
2019 Badges Exclusive Sticker
Digital Commission
A4 Physical Print (without name-frame)
Exclusive Personalised Keyring (one side badge version, one side painting version)
Personalised Pinback Button
Sticker of Commission

PS: badgeholder not included due to the high risk of losing it. I highly recommend using a lanyard for all your badge purposes.

Choose Your Type


High Detail Style / Polished

Online Version.jpg

Painterly Style


Painterly vs Polished

Painterly style badge is a bit different than my polished works. It's is a lot less detailed with limited revision. It's A3 and not A2. You'll receive a rough sketch and the final image. Other than that, it's pretty much the same! 

shoulders and up


diaphragm and up


hips and up


Choose Your Frame

12 frames are available to choose from.

Don't find one you like? I'll paint you a custom frame! Please read more about custom frames in the Terms of Service.



Painterly Style
Portrait £60
Bust £110
Halfbody £250

High Quality Style
Portrait £175
Bust £275
Halfbody £450

Goodiebag £25
Custom Frame £60+

These are base prices. Additional details like companions, armour, etc will increase the price. Shipping costs may occur. Read the Terms of Service for a more in depth Price Guide.

Yes, I want a Badge!

But wait. You've read the Terms of Service, right? It's super important! It’s right below!!

If you've done that, fill out this form as quick as you can and send it to!

Name: [Name you would like printed on the badge]
Shipping Address: [include the name of the resident] [if only digital just N/A]
Goodiebag: [Y/N]
Style: [Painterly/High Quality]
Type: [Portrait/Bust/Halfbody]
Frame: [# frame or general idea of custom frame]
Description: [Let me know what you want painted! Whats your idea? If you have visual references, please gather them into an imgur album and link to it.]
PayPal Email: [I'll send you an invoice once we've agreed on the commission]

I give a starting date for the painting process - this may be several weeks away. All badges are guaranteed finished by September.

Terms of Service

1.1 Client Requirements

  • Client must be above the legal age (18+)

  • You must be available and reply to my emails within 24 hours (weekends excluded). 

  • All references must be provided before the commission starts. I can work from visual and/or written references. Please only include the information I actually need - I don’t need to know who the mother of their grandfathers’ cousin is. 

  • Payment. I expect the invoice to be paid within 24 hours unless agreed otherwise. 

  • Read the Terms of Service in full.

  • When the commission is completed, post only the watermarked version online.

1.2 Rights

  • All rights and ownership of the artwork remain with the artist.

  • The commissioned artwork is for personal use only. That means:

  • You cannot alter, modify, distribute or use it for commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to: selling the artwork in any way shape or form, using the artwork as a business logo, using the artwork to promote your business/book/website etc.

  • Limited usage licence is given to the client - I draw this for you to cherish, use as your social media avatar, wear proudly at conventions, put on your OC pages and print out and hang it up on your room.

  • Minor changes such as cropping or adding text are allowed.

  • Do not edit out my signature.

  • If you wish to post a commission from me in your deviantart gallery, you must include “by Naariel” in the title and post the watermarked version.

  • I have the right to alter, modify and post the illustration on social media, patreon, sell it in my shops, create merchandise, etc. (this right can be purchased)

1.3. Custom Frame
If none of my current frames interest you, or if you have a specific frame in mind, I am more than happy to work with you on creating a custom frame. Due to the nature of frames and the amount of work that goes into them, I'd like to make the frame available for future conbadge clients. But if you'd like to be the sole, unique, exclusive owner of the frame, that's possible too.

Custom Frame: £60
Privately Exclusive Custom Frame: £120

2.1 Payment and Prices

  • Payment via Paypal.

  • When the deal is agreed, I will send you an invoice to your paypal email address. 

  • I will not start working on the badge commission until payment is received.

  • Roughly 4.2% of the total price are PayPal fees (varies slightly depending on your country).

  • All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

  • 50/50 payment (50 immediate, 50 before start) can be arranged.

  • Exclusivity (not posted to social media/not sold in shops) can be arranged for a fee.

  • Tips are very welcome! My invoices allow tips to be added with the payment. You can also send tips via

Price Guide
Time consuming elements and work will increase the price. Below is a quick guide for what increases cost. Contact me for a correct price estimate.

  • Wallpaper Version, Helmet, Intricate Details, Companion, Shoulder Armour, Horns, Weapons all increase the total price. Please contact me for a correct price estimate.

  • Custom Frame: £60+

  • Prints: See further below.

  • Rights and licences can be purchased. Please contact me for a price estimate.

  • Rush Fee is 150%+ of quote. Guaranteed finish within a week. (Halfbody 2 weeks).

PS: Only wallpaper, physical print and custom frame will be charged extra for in Painterly Commissions. 

2.2 Refund

  • I can refund 90% of the payment if I haven’t yet started on your commission. No refunds after I’ve started. 

If I fail to complete a commission due to illness or any other reason, refund will be paid in full. 

3.1 Technical Information/Drawing Process

  • You will receive four digital images of the finished painting. Two high resolution (with and without frame), and two lower resolution versions (with and without frame) for posting online.

  • My default canvas is A2 with 300dpi.

  • Process pictures, sent on email/twitter. 

  • Average turnaround time from sketch to finish is 4+ weeks. Please inform me of any deadlines you may have.

  • I will not draw anything that can end up on /r/ImpracticalArmour or light clothing. (See my pin up commission info for this)

  • No guns that aren’t in game. If they are in game, it’s fine.

3.2 Corrections/Revisions
Corrections are fine at any point during the painting process - but let me know what you want corrected as soon as possible!
I will do one revision of the image after I’ve showed the finished product. That means you must write in your replying email if you’d like something changed. Any changes after that point will cost £5.

I am only human and I can read wrong/make a mistake. Please look carefully over your commission to make sure I got everything right.

3.3 Retention of Images and Files
I will store the files 6 months after completion. If you lose your print after that, I cannot guarantee I still have it.

4.1 Badges
Badges are printed on 280 gsm Satin photo paper, laminated with the badge motif on both sides. I offer any size that is in the A3 ratio (11.7 x 16.5 inches). The default size is 9.5 x 13.5 cm / 3.7 x 5.3 inches.

4.2 Prints
If you'd like a print of your commission without buying the goodiebag, this section is for you. Prints are printed on 280 gsm Satin Pearl Photo Paper without border. These prices are only valid if a print is ordered -before- the commission is completed.


  • A3         £ 10

  • A4         £   7

  • A5         £   5

If you want with a border just let me know. Please note a small signature will be present on the final print.

4.3 Shipping
Shipping will depend which shipping option you’d like. Most countries allow for your print to be tracked - let me know if you want tracking and I’ll let you know the shipping costs.
I can only replace a print that’s been lost/damaged if you choose with tracking. 
Products are sent without tracking unless agreed upon otherwise. 

Shipping Costs: Base Package
UK, Europe and America: Free Shipping
Rest of the World: £1.95
Tracked: £7+

Shipping Costs: Goodiebag Package
United Kingdom: £2.85
Europe: £5.60 
Rest of the World: £7.90
Tracked: +£10

4.4 Delivery Times
UK: 2-3 Working Days
Europe: 3-7 Working Days
World: 7-14 Working Days

These are the times provided by the Post Office. I cannot control the speed of delivery nor be held responsible for any delays caused by the postal services.

5.1 Last But not Least
All articles of this Terms of Service are applicable unless specifically outlined within the final written agreement between Client and Artist.
By contacting me for work you are hereby agreeing to the terms expressed above.

Contact me at if you have any questions.