b. 1986, HK.

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24 - Norwegian - United Kingdom - Fantasy Illustrator

Hi there! I’m Naariel, also known as Eve.

I’m a freelance illustrator/designer/one-woman business. I live in England with my wonderful boyfriend and brilliant Border Collie pup Korra. I love art, animals, games and chocolate. My favourite games, books and films include World of Warcraft, The Witcher, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Avatar the Last Airbender.

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I am available for commercial work. Please contact me directly at naarielart@gmail.com



I’m an educated dental nurse, but due to the long and complicated process to get my Norwegian education approved by the English Dental Council, I decided to take my hobby and passion to the next step and paint commissions to earn a few bucks.

That's when I realised I wouldn’t mind doing this for the rest of my life and decided to become a professional artist.

I’ve been a full time freelance fantasy artist since October 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fun Facts

  • At the time of writing this FAQ I had painted 80+ illustration-type personal use commissions, but I paint 2-5 of these a month so I’m probably above that number when you read this.

  • Created three Theatre Poster illustrations, once a year for three years running for a youth theatre group.

  • Created paintings for the Legion zine and Artists of Azeroth zine.

  • Featured in Wowheads Artist’s Corner April 15th 2018.



HP OMEN 870-204na Gaming PC with Windows 10.

UGEE UG2150 Graphics Tablet.

A Canon Pixma IP8750 printer.



I do 99% of my work in Photoshop CC.

Videos are recorded with Streamlabs OBS and edited in Windows Movie Maker.



Most of my tutorials are easily accessible on youtube or deviantart. The more informative ones like Commission 101 are only accessible to Patrons or here on my website.



✔ Personal Commissions   ✔ Commercial Commissions    
✘ Free Art    ✘ Art Trades

I do not do free requests. Nor art trades, unfortunately. I can't afford to spend time drawing without getting paid for it.


How does it work?

I accept commissions on a regular basis. Once a month I open 3-5 slots to work on. Patrons gets advanced commission opening notice and they usually fill the queue before I have a chance to open for the public, so I recommend becoming a patron if you want in.

  • The commissioned artwork is for personal use only.

  • I am open for commercial work - please contact me directly.


Do you have a waitlist?

No, but if you sign up to my mailing list you'll get an email when I'm open.


Can you let me know when you’re open?

Sure! Just write your email right here and I’ll send you an email when I’m open next time.


I stream at Twitch.TV/naarielart. I am affiliated, which means that you can donate, cheer and throw subs to the channel. If you have Amazon Prime you get a free sub!


What's your schedule?

I don't have a schedule but I'll usually stream somewhere 10:00 - 17:00 United Kingdom time (GMT). 

Last Friday of the month is Feedback Friday, where I give feedback and paintovers.


What is Feedback Friday? Can you critique my art?

Feedback Friday is the last friday of the month where I spend an hour or so giving helpful advice and paintover critiques!

Art critiques are available to my super patrons. Read more about it under my Patreon section!


What is a super patron?

A super patron is someone who’s pledging $10 or more to my Patreon page. Read more on my Patreon page.